Wilder vs Fury 3: Why It Matters

Boxing fans all over the world are becoming used to not getting what they want, and often times when they do get, the result is quite disappointing. One of such disappointing matches is the Joshua vs Ruiz 2: Clash of the Dunes that many fans have since called a bore. Calling it a bore would be underestimating how much of a letdown the match was. For a match that promised so much, it delivered little. Many would have expected Joshua to claim his titles back but not that easy, or at least not in such a boring way.

Wilder vs Fury 2: Why It Matters

This is why the Wilder vs Fury 3 match matters so much. This is the fight that the boxing world wanted. This is the fight the rest of the world has been crying for. Ever since the highly controversial draw of match 1, the world has wanted a rematch. A rematch that would decide who faces Joshua, and most importantly a rematch that would decide who the toughest boxer is.

The moment Wilder vs Fury 3 was announced, it became the hot topic of the boxing and entire sports world. Here are the reasons why this is the boxing match that matters.

They Want to Fight Each Other

First, Wilder and Fury want a go at each other. The two fighters have not hidden this fact at all. The interviews and twitter jabs have clearly shown that both men are ready to fight again. The first fight (more on that later) was one hell of boxing fight that saw Fury stood up after getting knocked out. If you are looking for a match to top that, then you can’t find a better option than Wilder vs Fury 3. October 03, 2020 is the date, mark it down – this is a day that will surely go down in boxing history.

There is No One Else to Fight

Some quarter of boxing fans have argued that as much as both fighters would love to face one another, they would prefer to face another person first. There is some element of truth in this, which is what brings us to the second reason why it matters. There is just no one else to fight.

Dillian Whyte has been knocked out by current unified champ, Joshua. Alexander Povetkin is not a match up serious enough for either boxer. Luiz Ortiz is one of the many fighters that seen the other end of that ferocious Deontay Wilder right arm. There is just no one to face. This is why Wilder vs Fury 2 had to happen next for both fighters. It was either this or nothing else.

The Match Vs Joshua Won’t Happen Unless this Happens

Boxing’s undisputed champion would be the winner of Anthony Joshua vs winner of Wilder vs Fury. There is no two way to it. Fury and Wilder have both challenged Joshua in a way but the fight has not occurred (and it won’t).

We need to get Wilder vs Fury out of our system first before we can have the undisputed heavyweight champion of boxing. Wilder vs Fury has been fixed and now we await who will emerge the winner.

No One Liked the Way Wilder vs Fury 1 Ended

December 1, 2018 saw Wilder and Fury face for the first time at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA. The match itself was wild but the result was wilder. A 12-round split decision draw was announced, plus that wrong scorecard display. Many felt Fury should have won and he would love nothing to show he was the deserving winner of match 1. Wilder would love to shut up all the naysayers too. That is your build-up. We have a classic match on our hands.

Date: October 03, 2020

Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

Broadcast: BBC NEWS, BT Sports, ESPN

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