Tyson Fury agrees to WBC anti-drugs programme for Fury vs Wilder Fight

The Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder fight on December 1st at the Staples Center in Los Angeles is shaping up to be one of the biggest heavyweight battles in recent boxing memory. Fans have wanted these two boxers to fight for years but there have been many issues surrounding the fight. One of the biggest issues was that Fury had not agreed to the WBC’s anti-drug program and many analysts were afraid that the issue was going to derail the entire fight.

But, Tyson Fury just took a big step forward in his fight with Deontay Wilder. He agreed to enter the WBC anti-drug program. The WBC was threatening to take their support away from Fury vs Wilder due to the fact that Fury has had a history of a drug problem. Fury had no choice but to accept the WBC’s drug program if he wanted to continue on with the fight on December 1st.

Fury agrees to WBC anti-drugs

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman said, “Tyson has filed all the relevant paperwork for our Clean Boxing protocol and given the necessary details as to where he can be tested.”

“You put down your information and every time you make a move you have to report it. So if you’re going to the movies and it’s more than one mile away, you report it. It’s the optimum way of doing it. The administration is complicated but we are doing our best. I would say on this programme we randomly test between 20 and 30 boxers every month so there’s a fair chance Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder would be tested as part of that.” said Sulaiman

In 2015, Fury had a positive test for nandrolone and he eventually agreed to a deal with the UK anti-doping agency and a two-year ban was instated. Fury still denies that he ever took the substance but he had to accept the ban if he ever wanted to box competitively again. Fury also tested positive for cocaine twice in 2016 in random VADA tests and those positive tests derailed his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko, which would have been one of the biggest fights in boxing.

Fury used the time in his ban to become more stable in his life and mental health. Fury has been very public about his battle with mental health and he has been an advocate for mental health awareness and for people receiving mental health treatment. On October 10th, Fury posted an Instagram video with this caption, “Had to do another mental health vid,
Never give up, it will get better I promise.” In the video Fury can be seen talking along with a song and talking about how the moment is yours. It is very admirable that such a public figure talks about his battle with mental health as it will encourage other people to come forward with their stories and seek treatment.

During Fury’s time away from the ring he also battled with his mental health and it took a lot of work in order for him to get to the place that he is today. He gained more than 100 pounds during his time away from the sport, ballooning up to a weight of about 380 pounds. Fury comes from a long line of gypsies and he is known by many fans around the world as the “Gypsy King”. Fury recently came out and said that he no longer identifies as a gypsy and wants to show that he is more than the “Gypsy King”. Fury has certainly done some soul searching during his two years away from boxing and he seems to be in a great place and ready to fight Wilder on December 1st.

The WBC has a robust testing protocol that ensures that none of the boxers are doping or taking any illegal substances. The testing agents can come at any time day or night and demand a urine sample for testing. This ensures that the fights that the WBC supports are clean and that there will be no worries of doping.

The entire boxing world is hopeful that all of the drug tests that Fury and Wilder will go through will come back negative and that these two undefeated boxers can go head to head in what will be an explosive fight. Many fans are still worried that Fury will slip up before the big fight but hopefully, Fury’s team can make sure that he stays clean. Los Angeles is in for a great fight and boxing fans all over the world are excited for this great matchup.

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