Bad Blood Spills Over In Fury And Wilder’s Final Press Tour

WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is scheduled to defend his belt for the eighth time when he takes on former unified champion Tyson Fury, who is trying to reclaim the titles he lost after staying away from the sport for over two years.

With the fight scheduled for December 1 at the Staples Center, both fighters embarked on a promotional tour to drum up interest for the fight.

Fury And Wilder Final Press Tour

The first two stops on the tour in New York and London went smoothly as both fighters promoted what is expected to be the biggest heavyweight fight in the United States since Lennox Lewis defeated Mike Tyson in 2002.

Wilder complimented Fury during the first stop on the tour, calling him a great fighter.

“He’s great for the heavyweight division,” Wilder said of Fury. “He’s charismatic. He can talk. I’ve got a great dancing partner. He’s fearless in the ring, and he’s got a background of boxing in his blood. It’s good that he’s from another country so you get to see different cultures, different personalities from the two of us. You’ve got one from America and you’ve got one from Great Britain. So that’s going to make it even more pleasurable for me when I knock him out.”

Fury returned the compliment while adding that he was the greatest fighter of his generation.

“I can walk around here, and I can talk as good as any man in the country,” Fury said. “But when it comes to a fight, it’s going to be a hell of a fight. Deontay Wilder: massive puncher. Me: skillful boxer. It’s going to be an epic night. This is a legacy fight … and after I win, he’s going to hire me as his publicist because I do believe I can promote Deontay Wilder back to being heavyweight champion of the world in no time. But there’s no shame in losing to me, because I am the greatest boxer of my generation and I can’t be beat, especially not by him.”

However, things got personal during the final stop of the tour in Los Angeles, and the fighters had to be separated after trash talking and exchanging shoves.

“You’re dealing with the baddest man on the planet,” Wilder said to Fury before the altercation. “When I look over your body, I’m not going to have no mercy for you.”

Fury, who isn’t one to shy away from a confrontation, had some choice words for Wilder as well.

“I’ve seen plenty of killers, and I know I’m not looking at one here,” Fury said. “But you’re looking at a Spartan.”

Fury also ridiculed Wilder for bringing his entourage with him to the press conference, adding that he didn’t bring anyone with him because he isn’t scared of Wilder.

“Anytime of day, seven days a week, twice on Sunday. Bring it on, you big s—house. He needs all his men I don’t need nobody,” Fury said.  “’I came to America on my own, I stand my ground against any man born from his mother. Come on, you big dosser.”

After they were separated, Wilder told Fury he will make him eat his words when they meet in the ring.

“Trust me, everything you say is gonna build up. You’re so nervous, bro. You’re dealing with the killer,” Wilder said.  “You’re dealing with the best man on the planet, you’re dealing with the one who will knock you out on point and I can’t wait. When I look over your body I’m not gonna have no mercy for you.”

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