Fury vs Wilder Rematch: TV channel, Broadcast info, Date, Time

The WBC champion took it to his Twitter account about his rematch with his rival, the renowned boxer. It is set to be one of the biggest fights in recent years following the controversial split draw in 2018.

Wilder vs Fury 3

The two champions have had a history in the past where they had a match on 1st December 2018. Unfortunately, the game was quite controversial, and the two had a split draw. The fight had three different judges from three different countries. The three judges had different scores. The crowd was not very happy with the results, and most of them believed that Tyson Fury did enough to Deontay Wilder.

Two weeks after the match, promoter Frank Warren started the talks for the rematch. According to Frank Warren, the talks were set to finalize in January 2019 fully. The WBC also agreed on the rematch if the terms set were decided upon.

During the talks, Warren preferred the rematch to take place in Emirates stadium located in London while Fury wanted it to be held at Old Trafford in Manchester. Wilder was okay with the rematch taking place in the UK as long as the cash was good. Wilder also added that he was looking to weigh up to 245 pounds.

Fury vs Wilder Rematch TV channel

The two are set to have a rematch during the first third phase of 2020, according to Bob Arum. The promoter also added that the rematch is set to be of the same magnitude as the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. He also remarked that the numbers could even surpass the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

The two are set to have two fights in 2020, one in February as announced by Fury and another one towards the last third of the year.

What Channel

  • Fox PPV (USA)
  • BT Sports Box Office (UK)

In the US, Tyson Fury has already signed a TV deal with ESPN. The deal is worth more than 80 million Euros. In the UK on the hand, BT sports Box Office will air the event on pay per view. BT Sports Box Office is available on many satellite boxes at a one time fee.

Promoter Bob Arum predicts that the rematch will do a 2 million+ pay per view buys on Fox. This number looks unrealistic, but the promoter believes that the match will be one of the richest ones in the history of boxing.

The rematch is set to be aired on three of the above channels. The charges to readers and other important details will be announced later.

Fight date

The promoter Frank warren has announced that the Fury vs Wilder 3 will take place on the 03rd in October 2020. Wilder confirmed this in summer and further remarked that contracts had been signed, and the date is fixed.

This is after another entertaining rematch between Wilder and Ortiz, where Wilder was the winner.

Wilder vs Fury 3: Time and Venue

During the negotiations, Fury and Frank warren had different views on the venue. Warren had Emirates in Mind while Fury preferred Old Trafford in Manchester. However, after the negotiations, the venue was confirmed to be Las Vegas, but the actual location has not yet announced.

The staples center located in Los Angeles was the first one to be chosen, but unfortunately, the bout declined to sell the 21,000 seater stadium.

Currently, the MGM grand looks to be the next venue to be chosen. It holds up the top 17,000 people. Fury himself has had a debut in June against Tom Schwartz. Wilder has also had two fights in this venue.

It is quite challenging to predict the time of the event, but most boxing events in Las Vegas events will usually starting at 4 am, and 5 am UK time.


The tickets to the most awaited rematch in 2020 are not yet out.


Just as Bob Arum remarked, this rematch is going to be a rich one in the history of boxing. It also seems both of these fighters are eagerly looking forward to the match, each one firmly believing in leaving the stage as a winner.

The two have been ridiculing the 2018 match that came out as a draw which makes this rematch, a game that would settle the ridicule.

Deontay Wilder Vs. Tyson Fury Boxing Match Preview & Analysis

On December 1st, at the Staples Center, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury enter the boxing ring and the excitement and hype for this fight have been growing since it was scheduled! Tyson Fury whose record is 27-0, with 19 Knockouts, will go glove to glove with Deontay Wilder whose record is 40-0 with 39 Knockouts. Wilder and Tyson will fight for the UBC heavyweight world championship. Deontay Wilder is America’s only champ since 2007. Tyson Fury has not been defeated in 27 professional fights.

Fury, who is thirty years old, had been on a hiatus for two and a half years, but has come back and ready! He was going through a lot of problems with drugs, alcohol, depression, etc. Now he’s back after getting his life back together. He has been waiting to fight Wilder. Wilder is a former heavyweight champ and Fury is the reigning champion. Both are trying to take this illustrious title.

Wilder Vs Fury Match Preview

In the fight, size plays a huge role in this fight. Wilder is the smaller of the two based on the heavyweight standards, but he is 6’7”, very elongated and his wingspan feels as long as the ring. Fury is a lot bigger than Wilder. He has about 40 pounds on his challenger and he is a few inches taller as well. As of now, he is the biggest heavyweight as of right now. For the past two years, Wilder has been training extremely hard and fighting in matches, while Fury was enjoying his drug-induced retreat, in which, he nearly tossed the whole thing away. He’s had two fights prior to this match, he’s looking like he’s trying to get back to the way he was previously, but it’s going to be difficult.

What are the odds for this fight? Five Dimes online betting has Tyson Fury had a +160 line, while Deontay Wilder has -165. We still have a couple months before the fight, but there is an obvious way for the boxers in this fight.

In 2015, Fury was the heavyweight champ, but addicted to cocaine, which led to a path of turmoil and destruction. Can he get it back? We will see! Many people have faith in him, while the majority seem on the fence about his fighting. He’s got to be a lot sharper and realize that there is no room for error.

Fury has very innate skills and many fans are expecting him to take this win. Wilder did not start boxing until his 20’s. He does have some skills that stand out, however, his ability is missing a little. Fury comes from a family of boxers, it’s in his genes to be great. He has tremendously active legs and he is always a single step ahead. He is an ambidextrous boxer as well. Some think he’s a head case, bipolar to be exact. Some fans are disappointed at how he won the title in 2015, then just threw it all away.

Wilder, on the other hand, has prodigious punching power. He gives his opponent very strong blows! He even calls his right hand,” Alabama Slamma.” It has been said that this right hand of his is extremely lethal. He knows how to deliver a great punch under duress or any condition. He has a way to summon his powers at any given time. He has been known to send his opponents soaring across the ring, not remembering anything that happened. Many opponents have been scared for their lives when in the ring with Wilder. Fury may not be able to handle the force of the Alabaman. In my opinion, the only way that Fury would possibly come up with a win would be to harness his know-how skills, weapons, guile, and then he’ll be in business, however, don’t have your hopes up too high.

What’s the moral of this story? Who is going to win this fight? Predictions? I get the feeling that Deontay Wilder is going to take the championship home, again. His power is phenomenal, he’s captivatingly strong and as strong as an ox. Fury’s track record states volumes and puts him in a spotty situation. He is the minor underdog. He needs a few more fights to come up the victor in this one.