Fury vs Wilder Rematch: TV channel, Broadcast info, Date, Time

The WBC champion took it to his Twitter account about his rematch with his rival, the renowned boxer. It is set to be one of the biggest fights in recent years following the controversial split draw in 2018.

Wilder vs Fury 3

The two champions have had a history in the past where they had a match on 1st December 2018. Unfortunately, the game was quite controversial, and the two had a split draw. The fight had three different judges from three different countries. The three judges had different scores. The crowd was not very happy with the results, and most of them believed that Tyson Fury did enough to Deontay Wilder.

Two weeks after the match, promoter Frank Warren started the talks for the rematch. According to Frank Warren, the talks were set to finalize in January 2019 fully. The WBC also agreed on the rematch if the terms set were decided upon.

During the talks, Warren preferred the rematch to take place in Emirates stadium located in London while Fury wanted it to be held at Old Trafford in Manchester. Wilder was okay with the rematch taking place in the UK as long as the cash was good. Wilder also added that he was looking to weigh up to 245 pounds.

Fury vs Wilder Rematch TV channel

The two are set to have a rematch during the first third phase of 2020, according to Bob Arum. The promoter also added that the rematch is set to be of the same magnitude as the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. He also remarked that the numbers could even surpass the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

The two are set to have two fights in 2020, one in February as announced by Fury and another one towards the last third of the year.

What Channel

  • Fox PPV (USA)
  • BT Sports Box Office (UK)

In the US, Tyson Fury has already signed a TV deal with ESPN. The deal is worth more than 80 million Euros. In the UK on the hand, BT sports Box Office will air the event on pay per view. BT Sports Box Office is available on many satellite boxes at a one time fee.

Promoter Bob Arum predicts that the rematch will do a 2 million+ pay per view buys on Fox. This number looks unrealistic, but the promoter believes that the match will be one of the richest ones in the history of boxing.

The rematch is set to be aired on three of the above channels. The charges to readers and other important details will be announced later.

Fight date

The promoter Frank warren has announced that the Fury vs Wilder 3 will take place on the 03rd in October 2020. Wilder confirmed this in summer and further remarked that contracts had been signed, and the date is fixed.

This is after another entertaining rematch between Wilder and Ortiz, where Wilder was the winner.

Wilder vs Fury 3: Time and Venue

During the negotiations, Fury and Frank warren had different views on the venue. Warren had Emirates in Mind while Fury preferred Old Trafford in Manchester. However, after the negotiations, the venue was confirmed to be Las Vegas, but the actual location has not yet announced.

The staples center located in Los Angeles was the first one to be chosen, but unfortunately, the bout declined to sell the 21,000 seater stadium.

Currently, the MGM grand looks to be the next venue to be chosen. It holds up the top 17,000 people. Fury himself has had a debut in June against Tom Schwartz. Wilder has also had two fights in this venue.

It is quite challenging to predict the time of the event, but most boxing events in Las Vegas events will usually starting at 4 am, and 5 am UK time.


The tickets to the most awaited rematch in 2020 are not yet out.


Just as Bob Arum remarked, this rematch is going to be a rich one in the history of boxing. It also seems both of these fighters are eagerly looking forward to the match, each one firmly believing in leaving the stage as a winner.

The two have been ridiculing the 2018 match that came out as a draw which makes this rematch, a game that would settle the ridicule.

Wilder vs Fury 3: Why It Matters

Boxing fans all over the world are becoming used to not getting what they want, and often times when they do get, the result is quite disappointing. One of such disappointing matches is the Joshua vs Ruiz 2: Clash of the Dunes that many fans have since called a bore. Calling it a bore would be underestimating how much of a letdown the match was. For a match that promised so much, it delivered little. Many would have expected Joshua to claim his titles back but not that easy, or at least not in such a boring way.

Wilder vs Fury 2: Why It Matters

This is why the Wilder vs Fury 3 match matters so much. This is the fight that the boxing world wanted. This is the fight the rest of the world has been crying for. Ever since the highly controversial draw of match 1, the world has wanted a rematch. A rematch that would decide who faces Joshua, and most importantly a rematch that would decide who the toughest boxer is.

The moment Wilder vs Fury 3 was announced, it became the hot topic of the boxing and entire sports world. Here are the reasons why this is the boxing match that matters.

They Want to Fight Each Other

First, Wilder and Fury want a go at each other. The two fighters have not hidden this fact at all. The interviews and twitter jabs have clearly shown that both men are ready to fight again. The first fight (more on that later) was one hell of boxing fight that saw Fury stood up after getting knocked out. If you are looking for a match to top that, then you can’t find a better option than Wilder vs Fury 3. October 03, 2020 is the date, mark it down – this is a day that will surely go down in boxing history.

There is No One Else to Fight

Some quarter of boxing fans have argued that as much as both fighters would love to face one another, they would prefer to face another person first. There is some element of truth in this, which is what brings us to the second reason why it matters. There is just no one else to fight.

Dillian Whyte has been knocked out by current unified champ, Joshua. Alexander Povetkin is not a match up serious enough for either boxer. Luiz Ortiz is one of the many fighters that seen the other end of that ferocious Deontay Wilder right arm. There is just no one to face. This is why Wilder vs Fury 2 had to happen next for both fighters. It was either this or nothing else.

The Match Vs Joshua Won’t Happen Unless this Happens

Boxing’s undisputed champion would be the winner of Anthony Joshua vs winner of Wilder vs Fury. There is no two way to it. Fury and Wilder have both challenged Joshua in a way but the fight has not occurred (and it won’t).

We need to get Wilder vs Fury out of our system first before we can have the undisputed heavyweight champion of boxing. Wilder vs Fury has been fixed and now we await who will emerge the winner.

No One Liked the Way Wilder vs Fury 1 Ended

December 1, 2018 saw Wilder and Fury face for the first time at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA. The match itself was wild but the result was wilder. A 12-round split decision draw was announced, plus that wrong scorecard display. Many felt Fury should have won and he would love nothing to show he was the deserving winner of match 1. Wilder would love to shut up all the naysayers too. That is your build-up. We have a classic match on our hands.

Date: October 03, 2020

Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

Broadcast: BBC NEWS, BT Sports, ESPN

How to buy Fury vs Wilder Tickets

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 2 will be one of the most exciting heavyweight boxing matchups of the last few years. The fight will be taking place on 22nd February at the MGM Grand Garden, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This is one of the few heavyweight boxing fights that have been shown on PPV in the last 20 years and any boxing fans should go see this fight in person.

Wilder vs Fury Fight Tickets

AXS is the official ticket website where you can go to purchase Fury vs Wilder tickets. The Staples Center is a big arena for a boxing match so there are some tickets that are relatively affordable. The most expensive tickets that you can currently buy are over $504 for each ticket but those are on the floor only 3 seats back from the ring. All of the cheapest tickets on the highest level are already sold out. You can get tickets from as low as $54 per ticket which is a great deal to watch this incredible boxing matchup.

You can check out the official tickets here.

You can also check StubHub the official resale market for the Fury vs Wilder fight to see if someone is trying to get rid of their tickets. There are already some tickets that are cheaper than any of the official tickets that are currently available. You can get a ticket for just $175 on StubHub which is an incredibly low price, we will have to keep an eye on the ticket prices to see if they drop any lower.

Here is the link to the StubHub page for the fight

If you cannot make it to MGM Grand, ESPN-FOX PPV will be broadcasting the fight live from Las Vegas. Getting tickets to go watch the fight in person will not be that much more expensive than watching it at home on PPV. Make sure you do not miss out on going to the fight in person and get your tickets quickly before they sell out.

Tyson Fury agrees to WBC anti-drugs programme for Fury vs Wilder Fight

The Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder fight on December 1st at the Staples Center in Los Angeles is shaping up to be one of the biggest heavyweight battles in recent boxing memory. Fans have wanted these two boxers to fight for years but there have been many issues surrounding the fight. One of the biggest issues was that Fury had not agreed to the WBC’s anti-drug program and many analysts were afraid that the issue was going to derail the entire fight.

But, Tyson Fury just took a big step forward in his fight with Deontay Wilder. He agreed to enter the WBC anti-drug program. The WBC was threatening to take their support away from Fury vs Wilder due to the fact that Fury has had a history of a drug problem. Fury had no choice but to accept the WBC’s drug program if he wanted to continue on with the fight on December 1st.

Fury agrees to WBC anti-drugs

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman said, “Tyson has filed all the relevant paperwork for our Clean Boxing protocol and given the necessary details as to where he can be tested.”

“You put down your information and every time you make a move you have to report it. So if you’re going to the movies and it’s more than one mile away, you report it. It’s the optimum way of doing it. The administration is complicated but we are doing our best. I would say on this programme we randomly test between 20 and 30 boxers every month so there’s a fair chance Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder would be tested as part of that.” said Sulaiman

In 2015, Fury had a positive test for nandrolone and he eventually agreed to a deal with the UK anti-doping agency and a two-year ban was instated. Fury still denies that he ever took the substance but he had to accept the ban if he ever wanted to box competitively again. Fury also tested positive for cocaine twice in 2016 in random VADA tests and those positive tests derailed his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko, which would have been one of the biggest fights in boxing.

Fury used the time in his ban to become more stable in his life and mental health. Fury has been very public about his battle with mental health and he has been an advocate for mental health awareness and for people receiving mental health treatment. On October 10th, Fury posted an Instagram video with this caption, “Had to do another mental health vid,
Never give up, it will get better I promise.” In the video Fury can be seen talking along with a song and talking about how the moment is yours. It is very admirable that such a public figure talks about his battle with mental health as it will encourage other people to come forward with their stories and seek treatment.

During Fury’s time away from the ring he also battled with his mental health and it took a lot of work in order for him to get to the place that he is today. He gained more than 100 pounds during his time away from the sport, ballooning up to a weight of about 380 pounds. Fury comes from a long line of gypsies and he is known by many fans around the world as the “Gypsy King”. Fury recently came out and said that he no longer identifies as a gypsy and wants to show that he is more than the “Gypsy King”. Fury has certainly done some soul searching during his two years away from boxing and he seems to be in a great place and ready to fight Wilder on December 1st.

The WBC has a robust testing protocol that ensures that none of the boxers are doping or taking any illegal substances. The testing agents can come at any time day or night and demand a urine sample for testing. This ensures that the fights that the WBC supports are clean and that there will be no worries of doping.

The entire boxing world is hopeful that all of the drug tests that Fury and Wilder will go through will come back negative and that these two undefeated boxers can go head to head in what will be an explosive fight. Many fans are still worried that Fury will slip up before the big fight but hopefully, Fury’s team can make sure that he stays clean. Los Angeles is in for a great fight and boxing fans all over the world are excited for this great matchup.

Does Tyson Fury Have A Legitimate Chance To Beat Deontay Wilder

In 2015, Tyson Fury (27-0, 19 KO), scored one of the biggest upset wins in boxing history when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko for the unified WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO, Ring magazine and lineal heavyweight titles.

After the win, many expected the 28-year-old Fury to rule the heavyweight division for a while. However, Fury was forced to pull out of a rematch with Klitschko because of an ankle injury. Soon after, UK Anti-Doping announced that there was presence of a prohibited substance in Fury’s sample from February 2015, which he denied, and he eventually vacated the titles he won from Klitschko after several postponed rematches.

Fury Will Beat Wilder

After losing his titles, Fury tested positive for cocaine and decided to get professional medical help to treat his depression and addiction issues.

In October 2017, Fury announced he would apply for his boxing license and return to the ring in 2018, which he did when he defeated Albanian cruiserweight Sefer Seferi.

Thanks to WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder being unable to reach a financial agreement with unified champion Anthony Joshua, Fury was able to get himself a title shot despite having only one fight in the last two years.

Wilder confirmed that Fury would be his next opponent after the former champion’s win over Francesco Pianeta. Since the fight was announced, boxing insiders haven’t given Fury much of a chance to win the fight, and Vegas books seem to agree with them, making Wilder the favorite at -185.

The biggest arguments against Fury are the fact that he hasn’t faced any real competition since he defeated Klitschko and the fact that he is rusty after such a lengthy absence and won’t be in the right shape to fight Wilder.

Leading up to the fight, Fury sounded confident about his chances of winning the fight and even promised to knock Wilder out during their press tour. So, is Fury just talking trash or does he have a real chance to win the fight?

The one thing Fury still has going for him is his speed, which is better than Wilder’s. Granted he didn’t face the toughest competition in the lead up to this fight, he moved around well in the ring, which is likely due to the fact that he has dropped some weight.

Even when he was at his best, Fury did not possess the type of power that Wilder does, so he is likely not going to be able to knock the champion out unless he gets a lucky shot in.

Fitness is going to be the key here, Wilder is a power puncher that will be looking for a knockout so Fury will have to move around more than he did in his first two fights since his return. Since he didn’t get tested by Seferi or Pianeta, despite going 10 rounds with the latter, fatigue could sink in the later rounds, opening him up for a knockout.

Since Fury is just 30-years-old and has had a few years to heal from the damage he took earlier in his career, he should be able to go the full 12 rounds. If the fight goes to the judges, anything can happen.

Bad Blood Spills Over In Fury And Wilder’s Final Press Tour

WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is scheduled to defend his belt for the eighth time when he takes on former unified champion Tyson Fury, who is trying to reclaim the titles he lost after staying away from the sport for over two years.

With the fight scheduled for December 1 at the Staples Center, both fighters embarked on a promotional tour to drum up interest for the fight.

Fury And Wilder Final Press Tour

The first two stops on the tour in New York and London went smoothly as both fighters promoted what is expected to be the biggest heavyweight fight in the United States since Lennox Lewis defeated Mike Tyson in 2002.

Wilder complimented Fury during the first stop on the tour, calling him a great fighter.

“He’s great for the heavyweight division,” Wilder said of Fury. “He’s charismatic. He can talk. I’ve got a great dancing partner. He’s fearless in the ring, and he’s got a background of boxing in his blood. It’s good that he’s from another country so you get to see different cultures, different personalities from the two of us. You’ve got one from America and you’ve got one from Great Britain. So that’s going to make it even more pleasurable for me when I knock him out.”

Fury returned the compliment while adding that he was the greatest fighter of his generation.

“I can walk around here, and I can talk as good as any man in the country,” Fury said. “But when it comes to a fight, it’s going to be a hell of a fight. Deontay Wilder: massive puncher. Me: skillful boxer. It’s going to be an epic night. This is a legacy fight … and after I win, he’s going to hire me as his publicist because I do believe I can promote Deontay Wilder back to being heavyweight champion of the world in no time. But there’s no shame in losing to me, because I am the greatest boxer of my generation and I can’t be beat, especially not by him.”

However, things got personal during the final stop of the tour in Los Angeles, and the fighters had to be separated after trash talking and exchanging shoves.

“You’re dealing with the baddest man on the planet,” Wilder said to Fury before the altercation. “When I look over your body, I’m not going to have no mercy for you.”

Fury, who isn’t one to shy away from a confrontation, had some choice words for Wilder as well.

“I’ve seen plenty of killers, and I know I’m not looking at one here,” Fury said. “But you’re looking at a Spartan.”

Fury also ridiculed Wilder for bringing his entourage with him to the press conference, adding that he didn’t bring anyone with him because he isn’t scared of Wilder.

“Anytime of day, seven days a week, twice on Sunday. Bring it on, you big s—house. He needs all his men I don’t need nobody,” Fury said.  “’I came to America on my own, I stand my ground against any man born from his mother. Come on, you big dosser.”

After they were separated, Wilder told Fury he will make him eat his words when they meet in the ring.

“Trust me, everything you say is gonna build up. You’re so nervous, bro. You’re dealing with the killer,” Wilder said.  “You’re dealing with the best man on the planet, you’re dealing with the one who will knock you out on point and I can’t wait. When I look over your body I’m not gonna have no mercy for you.”

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